How Much Is Too Much For A Lipstick?


Okay, so maybe $50 is a lot to shell out for a tube of lip color, but Velvet Rope, a collection of luxury lipsticks by cult brand Lipstick Queen, has really caught our attention. Why? Well, when Poppy King, creator of the brand, described the line as having “the look of velvet but the cushion-feel of silk,” we had to see for ourselves. Especially considering these are more than double the price of the line's other lipsticks. 

For starters, the packaging is beautiful and a big selling point. Inspired by metal pocketbooks and compacts of the ‘30s, King designed the velvety lip color to fit into a thick, metallic case that looks just as strong and beautiful as the person wearing it. A satisfying magnetic closure ends each application with a secure click. But is the formula as smooth and velvety as it claims to be? Matte lip color can sometimes go on unevenly, but not these. The product glides smoothly across the lips, and gave me an almost-perfect application in one swipe. King credits the silky formula to a blend of natural waxes and a new ingredient, silicone elastomer, which adds an almost rubber-smooth texture. And without a glossy finish, the super-intense pigment lasts for hours!  

The Velvet Rope collection is only available in five colors right now: Black Tie (wine), Brat Pack (true red), Star System (a bright nude), Entourage (a brown-aubergine), and Private Party (a yellow-toned fuchsia). Despite the selection being limited, King created a shade (or two) that can suit everyone. We were skeptics when we first encountered this luxe lippy, but between the smooth texture, the minty scent, and the monograms on each lipstick, it’s just as glamorous as we hoped. We’re already pinching our pennies for another tube!

Strangely enough, this isn't even the most expensive lipstick out there: Clé de Peau, Guerlain, La Prarie, and Kanebo Sensai are just some of the much-lauded brands that have lipsticks in the $50 and up category. Now that you know the facts, would you buy $50 lipstick? Tell us in the comments below!