Would You Use Hair Perfume?


Ever thought about trying a hair perfume? Regular fragrances that you spray onto your body can wear off or react with sunlight, causing damage to your skin. Specially formulated fragrances that you spritz onto your hair not only last longer (your hair absorbs scent more than your skin does) but ensures that a waft of your perfume is released every time you flick your ponytail.

1 Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume

This vanilla-and-caramel-scented spray is formulated with special silicones that protect your hair from UV rays and leave it silky soft. To get an extra day out of your hair before washing, use dry shampoo and hair perfume to keep it smelling sweet.

2 Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bomblicious Hair Mist

This hair mist smells just like the regular Flowerbomb fragrance, only a little lighter, and it won't dry out your locks. Spray it into the air and walk underneath to let it settle gently on top of your head.

3Pure & Petal Summer Passion Hair Fragrance

This summery-scented hair perfume is alcohol- and silicone-free, so it's great for colored or treated hair. And because your tresses absorb scent easily, the fragrance will last all day long.

Image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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