3 Ways to Keep Your Skin Care Brush Bacteria Free


Electric and manual facial brushes such as Clarisonic, Olay Pro-X, and Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush promise cleaner and clearer skin by doing the dirty work for you, but bacteria can build up in both brush heads if not properly sanitized after daily use. You should replace your brush heads every three months, but here are a few other methods to keep your skin care tools as clean as possible.

Cleanse Daily. Rinse your brush head thoroughly after every use. If you see any residual makeup tinting the bristles, wash them with a mild liquid soap or baby shampoo such as Dr. Bronners Mild Liquid Soap or Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Pat with a cloth or towel, and let the brush air-dry.

Use Anti-Microbial Products. If you’re extra paranoid about bacteria buildup, wash your brush head with a specialized anti-microbial skin cleanser every few days. Dermatologists recommend Hibiclens for daily hand washing, sanitizing wounds, and even pre-surgery prep! We’re also loving the price tag—around $11 for eight oz. at your local drugstore.

Soak Your Brush Head in Alcohol. Once a week, soak your brush head in a bowl of rubbing alcohol for a minute. Don’t rinse the alcohol off and let the brush head air-dry on a towel. This weekly “treatment” helps to kill any remaining bacteria that’s left over from daily use.

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