Cherries: The New Super Fruit!


Cherries are the beauty world's new superstars. Why? This supercharged fruit not only tastes great and is easy to eat but is a multi-tasker of the antioxidant world, containing melatonin (to regulate sleep cycles), anthocyanidins (to neutralize free radicals and aid in healthy joint function) and pectin (a slow digesting gel that makes you feel fuller and blocks fat storage).

Another interesting fact? Melatonin, the body's sleep hormone, also prevents collagen breakdown in the skin. And just one handful of cherries you get enough vitamin A to jump start your collagen output and erase fine lines. Studies have also shown that 20 cherries contain as much anthrocyanin (another word for anti-inflammatory) as an aspirin and are 10 times more effective at taming inflammation. So they're perfect for eating when you get home from a day at the beach (or the gym) and are feeling a little red, raw, and sore!

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