Quick Ways To Cut Out 100 Calories


We all love to eliminate calories from our meals, so wouldn’t it be great to cut 100 of them from a single dish. Chef Rocco DiSpirito's new book, Now Eat This, features 100 expert tips on how to reduce calories from your meals, and here he shares three of his favorites with us. From a slimmed-down tuna salad to smart dressing picks, there are lots of easy ways to slice calories from your meals and stay trim and healthy. These tricks are especially helpful for the winter months when eating well can be hard to do, especially with so much pumpkin pie around!

Double the celery

"By doubling the celery in a tuna or chicken salad, you can save 100 calories," says Rocco. "Just make sure you don't add extra dressing, as this will add a whole lot more fat and sugar.”

Be smart about dressings

When you're making a sandwich at home or ordering one at a deli, choose mustard over mayonnaise. "It adds lots of flavor but not many calories!" says Rocco. And if you’re making a salad? “Use a spritzer to apply your salad dressing rather than drizzling it on. You’ll cut out half the calories but retain the taste!” says Rocco.

Choose brown rice

Sushi is delicious, but did you know brown rice has twice the fiber as white? "Always buy or make sushi with brown rice and choose salmon over something fried, such as shrimp tempura," says Rocco. "And go light on the soy sauce. It contains heaps of salt."