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Meet The French Hilton Sisters!


America may have Paris and Nicky Hilton,  but France has the Courtin-Clarins—glamorous and gorgeous sisters who grew up as product guinea pigs. Their grandfather Jacques, the creator of Clarins, would spend every Sunday lunch telling them how to apply face creams (you must never rub face cream in, just pat it on) and letting them try new products. It's no surprise that now both sisters and cousins are making their mark on both the beauty and fashion industries around the world. 

Both Virginie and Claire, the daughters of model Corinne Maine de Biran and their cousins are blessed with gorgeous looks. This, combined with their love of all things fashion and beauty has been the catalyst to their debut in the beauty world. And with their heritage they basically are beauty royalty! Both sisters dabble in the beauty industry. They collaborated with Lauren Bush and her FEED project, test new products for Clarins and act as representatives for the brand. Their two cousins, Prisca and Jenna, are also beauty obsessed. At just 24 years-old, Prisca has opened her own nail salon, independent of the Clarins brand. Based on American nail bars, Prisca's salon is called Nail Factory. It's simple, chic and functional and Pricsa has also introduced a new nail polish line, Nail Station, to the salon. It's not only the girls' heritage that makes them beauty royalty. It's their instinctive sense of what's hot and what's hip—from how to style a simple t-shirt to how to paint your nails (short, short, short)—that makes them worthy of attention.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Network Seattle, Story sourced from Vogue August 2011.