Polished Look Under 5 Minutes


Sometimes beauty sleep butts into our morning routine, leaving only moments to get ready for the day. Beautylish consulted with celebrity makeup artist Jeffrey Paul for his expert advice on how to look polished with only 5 minutes to spare.

If you're short on time or just want a quick, polished look in the morning, you can look your best with a few easy steps. "If you're like me and find ways to work around the clock, then mornings are the slower part of the roller coaster ride of the day," says Jeffrey. He emphasizes four key points to remember: accentuate your best features, know your style and habits, be prepared and work like an assembly line.

Things To Do The Night Before

  • Set your coffee or tea on a timer so you have a fresh batch by morning.

  • Wash your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner.

  • Set out your clothes, makeup and hair products in a assembly line.

Polished Makeup Look In Under 5 Minutes

  • Wash or splash your face and apply a sunscreen moisturizer all over your face and neck. If you want dewy skin, you can apply a small bit of skin oil on your dampened face before your moisturizer.

  • My suggestion for must-haves when you're in a rush is mascara, lip color, and concealer. Cover under eye circles and spot conceal any blemishes you have. Curl and apply your favorite mascara to open up your eyes and finish off your lips with a bright lipstick to enhance your skin tone.

  • Bring your lipstick or gloss with you to touch-up throughout the day. A hydrating mist should be packed as well to freshen up your face.

  • If you need to control oily strands, use dry shampoo around your crown to combat the oil and give some volume to your hair. If you want to pull back your hair instead, a ponytail or bun is always fashion forward and will instantly lift your face.

Jeffrey Paul is a compassionate and creative celebrity makeup artist with a wealth of experience and diversity of talents. A few of his high profile clients include: Freida Pinto, Emily Blunt, Eva Green, Christina Applegate, Mallika Sherawat, Eva Mendes, Elle McPherson. His television credits include Red carpets for all of the award shows Makeovers for for E! the style Networks, Lifetime Television, and Bravo.