Easy Tips for Dyeing Your Hair Dark This Fall


Without fail, each year Hollywood celebrates the fall season with a parade of darker hair colors. Already, Kylie Minogue, Chloe Sevigny, and Rihanna have shown off brunette locks.  The annual tradition provides inspiration for switching up your entire look, plus a darker hue is a fun way to coordinate with the season's bold fashions. We chatted with celebrity colorist Marko Tomassetti of Sally Hershberger Los Angeles (clients include Kelly Clarkson and Jane Krakowski) and learned some easy tricks for transitioning tresses successfully.

B: Why is dyeing your hair dark so popular in fall?

Fall is the perfect time to go dark. My clients are often feeling blue that the summer is over and they’re looking to make a change. Hair is usually washed out and dry from the season past, and going darker gives strands a break from highlights and adds new life. Plus, rich brunettes are super sexy hues!  

B: Do darker shades work with every skin tone?

Yes! Anyone can go darker, but I recommend consulting your colorist so they can tailor a shade that’s right for your skin tone. Those with olive skin should ask their colorist to add warmth to their hue so that it doesn’t look one dimensional. If you have a lot of yellow if your skin, stick with a medium brown, as a really dark shade will wash you out and make you look pasty. Women also shouldn’t be afraid of a little red in their hair—it adds shine and can help make the dark hue look more natural.

B: How can you keep your color from fading?

If you’re a brunette who’s going even darker, you can go up to eight weeks between coloring appointments (unless you have grays—then you should go about every month). However, blondes may need to visit the salon every four to six weeks as their lighter roots come through. Whatever your natural color, try not to wash your hair more than twice a week, and use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to ensure the hue remains lustrous.

B: Have any DIY recipes?

This is a little trick I share with my brunette clients: Brew a really strong pot of coffee (avoid instant), let it cool, then put the coffee in a spray bottle. Once a week after shampooing, spray the coffee throughout your hair, let it sit for five to ten minutes, then rinse and condition. The coffee helps to boost your color and add richness!

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