Top 3 Pimple Fighters


Pimples don't just erupt when you're a teenager. Adult acne, or even an occasional spot or two, can pay you a visit when you're in your twenties and even thirties. Getting pimples at any time is frustrating, but watching them appear when you think you should be over them is even worse. Many factors contribute to acne—hormones, stress, diet, and genetics all play a big part. Something as simple as washing your pillowcase more often, or not using the same face towel, can also make a difference. However, sometimes you just need an instant fix, so we've put together our Top 3 products to help banish the blemish.

1 Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal-t0-Clear Gel

Clearasil isn't just for school kids. This gel creates a protective seal over the pimple and continues to release an acne-fighting ingredient while preventing dirt and oil from doing more damage. And because the gel drys clear, you won't even know it's there. Keep it in your handbag so you can instantly apply it as soon as a spot crops up.

2 X Out

The creators of Proactiv have just released this new formula, which is a serious multitasker. You can apply the product directly onto a pimple, use it as a facial wash (it's gentle enough to use every day), or apply it as a mask. Benzoyl peroxide helps get to the root of the problem, and menthol leaves an icy, tingly feeling so you know it's working.

3 La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

This also contains benzoyl peroxide to fight the acne, but combines it with lipo-hydroxy acid, which provides extra sebum to your skin to help it repair faster. So you’re not only treating the issue but also helping your skin heal.

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