Indoor Tanning Banned in California!


Tanners, your day has come. California has become the first state to ban persons under the age of 18 from using UV-tanning devices. This means no more sun-beds or indoor tanning. The law used to allow minors (between the age of 14 to 18) to tan with the consent of an adult, but not any more. The dangers of tanning by UV exposure include increased aging (even more fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes!), and a high risk of skin cancer through exposure to carcinogens. It's even caused the death of one young woman! "If you want to look years older than your true age, have deep wrinkles in places you never expected, and ruin the texture and the color of your skin, then a tanning salon is the place for you," says dermatologist Debra Jaliman, M.D. It's even caused the death of one young woman! Now when you want a tan, it's going to have to come straight from a bottle.

The law will mean the death of some businesses, but we hope it won't mean an increase in tanning the natural way!