Hilary Duff Hair, "Devoted" Book Signing


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Hilary Duff

"Devoted" Book Signing, 2011

Who knew that Hilary Duff would jump from teen TV star (remember Lizzy McGuire?), to movie actress, singer, and now—novelist! The pregnant star showed off a fun and edgy hairstyle at a book signing for her latest novel, Devoted. Celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis was inspired by Brigitte Bardot's voluminous backcombing, and created a fun up-do with a studded, rock inspired headband. We found out how he created the look.


Marcus began by spraying Phyto Volume Actif on damp hair at the mid shaft, then used his hands to build up the natural texture.  He then sprayed Phyto Volume Actif at the roots and use a vented 1 1/4" round brush section by section. He clipped away the top mohawk section until the end. To create the large waves, he used a 1" barrel curling iron. First, he sprayed each section with L’Oréal Elnett Hairspray, then wrapped the hair from roots to ends. He curled the hair in the same direction (away from the face) on every section on each side. When he finished curling the back and sides, he lightly sprayed Phyto Volume Actif, then brushed it out thoroughly with a flat paddle brush, like a Mason Pearson, until he'd stretched the curls out to a beautiful wave. He then sprayed Klorane Dry Shampoo for added softness.

Marcus undid the mohawk section, and starting one inch from the hairline going back to the crown, lightly teased half inch wide sections. With a flat paddle brush, he smoothed out the teased sections but left height and a slightly messy feel to the texture. To finish, he pulled the sides back at an angle into a half up half down style, securing large bobby pins underneath the hair. He added the final touch to the look by placing a small headband (Marcus used Jennifer Behr's Leather "Dinosaur" Headband) a few inches from the hairline. He then sealed Hilary's hair with a quick spray of L'Oréal Elnett Hairspray over her entire head.

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