Michelle Rodriguez' Sexy Side Ponytail


Actress Michelle Rodriguez rocked a romantic yet sexy side ponytail last week at the Hollywood premiere of "The Imperialists Are Still Alive!" Olivier Ifergan Atelier stylist Gregory describes how he created this soft and sophisticated hairstyle that's a perfect prom hairstyle or even for a wedding.

Hair Michelle Rodriguez' sexy side ponytail

  1. Gregory applied Blow Up volumizing spray to Michelle's wet hair to add height and bounce, then blow-dried her hair smooth.

  2. Gregory created large waves by using a medium-barrel curling iron on large sections. He pinned each curled section in place with pins, then spritzed the hair with humidity-resistant Kiss Hair Spray.

  3. After letting the pin curls sit for 20 minutes, Gregory took out the pin curls, ran his fingers through the hair, and shook out Michelle's hair for a glamorous, bouncy look.

  4. Finally, Gregory pulled the hair loosely into a side ponytail and secured it with pins and more Kiss Hair Spray

Image courtesy of thefashionpatrol.com

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