Counter Confidential: Body Language


Counter Confidential

"Body Language" by Undercover Beauty Agent

One of the most important things you can learn at a makeup counter is how to read your customers. Taking cues from your clients’ body language will help you determine how to approach them. It’s easy to come off as pushy and aggressive, so observing how customers react will keep them relaxed. Observe how your clients react in different situations to ensure their happiness.

Headphones On:
Whenever I see a customer wearing headphones, I am careful while approaching. Some people may be on the phone, and others may not want to talk. They may become annoyed if they feel like they’re being harassed. Pay attention to where your client is looking. If they are staring staring intently at a product, they may want to ask questions, but it’s best to approach this person as gently as possible. You don’t want to startle them. Try getting their attention by just hanging around in a visible area. If the person has questions, they’ll usually ask you.

Lack of Enthusiasm:
Take note of a client’s behavior when doing a makeover. If a customer is really excited to get her makeup done and then loses energy after seeing herself in a mirror, she may not like the look. Watch your customer’s reaction while you’re applying the makeup and when she sees her transformation. You never want to leave a client dissatisfied. Make sure she’s excited and loves the way she looks as she leaves your chair.

A Case of Nerves:
Some clients may be nervous about sitting in your chair or asking questions. Pay attention to their hands and eyes. People who are nervous often fidget or play with their hands. At times, they won’t even look at you because they may be embarrassed. If they seem nervous, take a step back and ask a question that has nothing to do with makeup. Try commenting on their outfit, hair, or nails. Compliments will give your client a confidence boost and naturally relax them.

Angry Clients:
It’s easy to approach someone who’s smiling, but going up to someone who looks a bit upset may seem scary. Be cautious when dealing with customers who seem to be giving off negative vibes, but keep in mind they may just be frustrated because they can’t find a product. Other times it’s because they need help. Confusion can also be mistaken for anger. Give your customer a quick smile and ask if they’re finding everything okay. They’ll usually  want your help.

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