Benefit Cosmetics

Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15


Junie D.
Highly recommended!

Love it! Just bought Benetint Lipbalm not that long ago. I have tried quite a few of lipbalms and this is definitely One of the best lipbalms around. Great texture, great color. Just a few dabs and my lips look luscious but natural! Highly recommended!

marcella e.

it really soft, moisture, smells nice, last long, the color is very pretty and i dont need to use a lot, just a little swipe is enough. love to use it during summer, light make up with mascara and this lip balm are perfect combination! and one thing i really love is it doesnt make me look like using gallons of oil ;)

Lover-Doll P.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I first used this when I was fifteen and I've always been a fan of a delicately tinted lip, looking flushed and femine without being cakey or overdone. Left my lips smelling and tasting amazing, as well as protected and moisturised. xoxxoxo

Kristen L.

This is a great lip tint because it gives you just enough color without feeling caked on or heavy. It has added Vitamin E so it leaves your lips feeling soft all day and keeps your lips protected from the sun!

Jasmine P.

I love using lip tints because its not as intense as using a lip color. The fact that this is a balm and has SPF adds more of a plus to it. I've used this product for years and I love the way it feels and looks on my lips. It gives a great tint without being too much. For someone who is afraid of going all out and wearing lip color, I really recommend it!

Jaime C.
Love the SPF & color!

I love this lip balm! I've had mine for so long now (I've actually misplaced it at the moment… so sad)! Love the SPF and the color, perfect for day or night.