DIY Edible Beauty Remedies

For the holidays, we're revisiting some of our favorite festive articles from the Beautylish archive. Enjoy!
From the Archive

Whether you have dry hair or need a way to get those dead skin cells off your lips, there are ingredients in your kitchen that can help! These Beauties share their homemade recipes.

DIY Hair Mask for Dry/Damaged Hair

by Asha M.

Asha uses simple kitchen items like eggs, mayonnaise, and extra virgin olive oil to create this hair mask that leaves hair soft and shiny.

DIY Lip Scrub & Care Tips

by Rhiannon W.

Sugar and honey combine to make a yummy lip scrub! Rhiannon shows us just how to make it and how to care for you lips!

How to Make Your Own Eye Makeup Remover

by Kandee J.

Kandee whips up an easy makeup remover with witch hazel and olive oil—it'll take off any amount of eye liner and mascara.

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This article was originally published on September 11, 2011