6 Gifts for the High-Tech Beauty Lover on Your List 


The gadget junkie who knows the latest skincare device to hit the market. The early adopter who already tried the most cutting-edge ingredient before everyone else. The science know-it-all who can break down the chemical compounds of their favorite serum.

If you have a high-tech beauty lover on your list this holiday season, we can commiserate—they’re not easy to shop for! Below are some innovative products that will make that savvy, hard-to-impress beauty lover on your list gasp with delight.

Optimizer Tri-Light Voyage Glasses, $175

Instead of a luxury eye cream, consider gifting this futuristic device—a pair of glasses equipped with LED chromotherapy technology that targets dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Your sci-fi beauty-loving friend can even choose between different wavelengths of light to customize their treatment, depending on their needs. A beauty techie’s dream come true? We think so.

ReFa CARAT Beauty Roller, $290

Upgrade your pal’s low-tech facial roller with this high-tech Japanese gadget. The platinum-coated, diamond-cut rollers mimic the movements of a massage therapist’s hands while delivering electrical microcurrents to help firm, tone, and boost collagen production. What’s especially cool about this tool is that your giftee will never need to plug it in or charge the battery—it’s powered by a tiny solar panel that’s built into the handle.

ZIIP, $495

Speaking of stimulation, here’s a way to give someone you really love the benefits of a microcurrent facial whenever and wherever they want. Designed by an electrical esthetician, ZIIP uses nano-level electrical currents to target a variety of skincare concerns, from enlarged pores to hormonal breakouts and more. Your friend can even sync the device to their phone to download more treatment programs via a handy app.

Chemist Confessions Baby Steps Acid Treatment, $40

Heard of gluconolactone? It’s one of the polyhydroxy acids (PHA) that are just starting to gain popularity in skincare products. PHAs exfoliate the surface of the skin like other chemical exfoliants, but their larger molecular structure makes them much less irritating. Treat the skincare buff on your list to Baby Steps, a PHA-based exfoliating treatment formulated by two cosmetic chemists. They’ll get smoother, brighter skin and the satisfaction of discovering an up-and-coming ingredient before the masses.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Discovery Set, $110

Your forward-thinking friend will love experimenting with this set of minis from Dr. Barbara Sturm, a renowned specialist in the field of molecular cosmetics. Dr. Sturm’s treatments combine cutting-edge ingredients and delivery systems with unique botanical extracts for products that feel both luxe and futuristic.

GLAMCOR Riki Skinny Vanity Mirror, $195

GLAMCOR creates some of the most high-tech, user-friendly mirrors around. Their bestseller, the Riki Skinny, makes makeup application a breeze with a host of cool features your hi-tech obsessive won’t know how they lived without, like dimmable HD LED lights, Bluetooth sync, and a removable magnifying mirror for tricky detail work.

Illustrations by Megan Badilla

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