Define Your Curls and Waves


Curls go especially haywire in the fall and winter, when cold air creates static around the hair follicles. Translation? Poof and frizz. Most creams and pomades specifically formulated for curls weigh down any natural bounce or volume, so locks fall flat. Switch to these lighter coil-defining, wave-shaping products and work with your natural hair texture.

Pureology Colour Stylist Illuminating Curl

A light curling lotion that softly intensifies natural wave and shine. It's enriched with loads of healthy oils to hydrate during the colder months, and is free of petrolatum and mineral oil. Apply to damp hair and air-dry, or diffuse your curls with a blow-dryer for more definition.

Frédéric Fekkai Coiff Océanique Tousled Wave Spray

Beachy waves aren't just for the shoreline. Spray this wave-enhancing finishing spray onto dry hair for an extra boost. Strands stay perfectly defined and tamed for the entire day.

Garnier Curl Shaping Spray Gel

This is not the sticky spray gel of the '90s. To avoid the crunchy effect, apply the gel with your hands instead of spritzing it directly on your hair. Pump five to seven squirts into your palm, rub your hands together, then run your hands through your damp locks.

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