VIP Service At The Makeup Counter



"VIP Service At The Makeup Counter" by Undercover Beauty Agent

Do you ever feel completely lost at a makeup counter? I've noticed many customers who look completely overwhelmed by the amount of people and product in my store. That’s one of the reasons I like sitting a customer down for a consultation. Part of my job is to create a safe and calm environment for my clients to learn about new products. More importantly, I try to give each customer exactly what he or she is looking for. Sitting down with an artist guarantees you individualized attention, but before you head down to your nearest beauty counter, here a few tips for the best service possible. 

Know The Counter's Policy:

Every counter is different. Some counters ask for a minimum product purchase before they sit you down, but many don’t. Ask the counter about their consultation policy with a beauty advisor or makeup artist.

Make An Appointment:

During prom season, the holidays, and sale days, there’s an abnormal amount of people shopping. Keep in mind that when a store is so busy an artist may have to work faster than normal in order to help everyone. This changes the quality and effort of work. You want to make sure you’re receiving as much attention as possible, so make an appointment in advance. This guarantees that there will be someone available and that you won’t feel rushed. 

Bring a picture:

Help your artist out. If I hear another “I want a smoky eye,” I just might scream in frustration. Everyone has a different interpretation of what a smoky eye is. There are soft smoky eyes, dramatic smoky eyes, simple smoky eyes, and more. I’ve seen a woman throw a tantrum because an artist didn’t use the exact shades of blue she wanted. Bringing a picture that shows exactly what you want will also save you lots of time.

Name Your Allergies:

One lady came to try a foundation primer. After testing out a product, she asked if it had silica in it. I didn’t even have time to say "yes" before she started breaking out in hives. Usually makeup artists ask if you have allergies, but if they don’t take the initiative, you should. Don't wait until something burns on your face to say something is wrong. Communication is key. 

Use A Disposable Wand:

I can't tell you the number of times I’ve seen someone use mascara straight from the tube at a counter. It's scary just thinking about the serious eye infection you could get. There should always be disposable mascara wands—if you can't find them, ask someone. Just a quick reminder, spraying a wand with alcohol isn't enough to disinfect it.

Undercover Beauty Agent is just an average makeup artist at your local beauty counter who's reporting true stories exclusively for Beautylish: "I love what I do because I get to make people feel beautiful on a daily basis. Working with so many different people in New York City has definitely been interesting. I've learned a lot and not all of it is very pretty. I'm a beauty advisor by day and a secret beauty agent by night, totally ready to share all my insider secrets and gossip."