Fiona Stiles on Foundation Part 3: Creams


Fiona Stiles on Foundation part 3: creams

One of the most daunting makeup categories has to be foundation. No matter how many articles are written about finding just the right foundation, the questions and confusion never seem to stop. In Part 1, I covered Tinted Moisturizers, Luminizing and Dewy Liquid Foundations. In Part 2, I analyzed Full Coverage, Matte, and HD Liquid formulas. In this installment, I'll be looking at Cream Foundations.

Take a deep breath..... and dive on in!

by Fiona Stiles

foundation cream

Cream foundations are similar to a full coverage liquid foundation in the sense that you can build and blend to the degree that works for you. It's easy to layer where needed and to blend the product down to nearly a skin texture. These formulas also tend to have a lot of oil in them so if you have blemish-prone or oily skin, this may not be the right foundation for you (the oil in the cream can make your blemishes worse and clog your pores). Like a powder foundation, the convenience is terrific, but you should use the foundation formula that works best for your skin, not what's easiest to carry in your purse!

Fiona recommends:

  1. Jouer Age-Repairing Perfector

  2. Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact Makeup

  3. Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Cream Foundation

Stay tuned as Fiona Stiles deconstructs Powder foundations in Part 4 of Fiona Stiles on Foundation.

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