How to Give Your Man a Makeover


Most guys don't take care of themselves as much as women do. An all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and body wash seems to be their main product of choice, and changing a guy's hairstyle? Well, that can be a nightmare. However, improving your man's looks is part of a girlfriend's duties, so we spoke with Los Angeles-based celebrity men's groomer Diana Schmidtke (she's styled the locks of Jon Hamm, Christian Bale, and James Franco, just to name a few!) for her tips on getting your man to the salon and choosing the perfect cut.

  • "Before heading to the salon do some research," says Diana. "Fashion magazines are a great place to find a potential new haircut. It's always a good idea to bring pictures and examples of the kind of haircuts you like when you visit a hairstylist. Be sure to choose photos of men who have the same hair texture and thickness as your man's."

  • "Before setting up an appointment, ask your friends for salon and hairstylist recommendations," says Diana. "And you can always set up a consultation. Most are free and will allow you to get a feel for the artist and the salon you are considering."

  • A little encouragement goes a long way. "The best way to get your man into the salon is to go with him," says Diana. "Why not gift him his first haircut? And play an active role in the consultation process. As women, we are experienced in choosing the right stylist, so it's never a bad idea to help guide your man through the process."

  • As far as products go, "using a daily conditioner is important," says Diana. "A lot of men prefer to keep it simple and use a two-in-one product that contains both shampoo and conditioner. I like Double Hitter by Paul Mitchell (available in stores in October). Guys feel like their hair looks too fluffy after washing it, which is why they should use a product that has the conditioner in it. Conditioner helps to weigh down the hair and keeps it from looking dry and brittle. Not to mention, after a full day at the office, then working out at the gym, the last thing women want is to snuggle up to dirty, smelly hair!"

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