Picture Perfect Graduation Makeup


Say goodbye to 3 AM library cram sessions and hello to graduation! Years of school will be behind you soon—or for some, just beginning—and you'll want to look picture perfect on your big day. We pulled together different graduation makeup inspirations that will help you look flawless on stage and in all your photos. 

VIDEO Everyday Look With Wearable Red Lips by Sam C.

Sam C. demonstrates a simple eye look paired with red lips that is easy to recreate and will bring out your natural features beautifully.   

VIDEO Graduation Tutorial by Sharon O.

This tutorial by Sharon O. is perfect for Beauties who do not wear makeup often. It's a clean look that will make you feel and look pretty in all your photos.

VIDEO Subtle Grey Tutorial by Danielle S.

Danielle S. shows you how to create this gorgeous subtle grey look that will look flattering with any colored cap and gown. 

Image courtesy of weheartit.com