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recycle your beauty products

Garnier teams up with TerraCycle so you can recycle all beauty packaging

It's Earth Day this Friday, but Garnier is getting a head start on saving the planet by partnering with TerraCycle to ensure that all beauty packaging can be recycled—for free! And when they mean all, that means every single hair gel tube, mascara wand, powder compact, or any other cosmetic package. All you have to do sign up at so you can download prepaid postage labels and collection materials (all costs and shipping are covered by Garnier--even if you're sending in products from another brand!). Then collect enough cosmetic packaging to fill a collection bag, attach the pre-paid shipping label and drop the bag off at any UPS location. Who knew it was so easy to be eco-friendly?

So what happens to this beauty waste once it leaves your hands? Well, some items can be recycled into products like notebook covers and cosmetic cases (like the Garnier Fructis Style makeup bag, above). But if a package can't be recycled, it can be upcycled, which means that it will be broken down to create pellets that can be made into things like paving stones, building blocks for playgrounds, and colanders (like the one below). Also, for each item you send in, 2 cents will be donated to a charity of your choice!

Considering that beauty and personal care products account for 1/3 of all landfill waste, any items you can save from the trash will make a big difference. With Garnier footing the recycling bill from now until forever, there's no excuse not to go green!

Images courtesy of Garnier and TerraCycle

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