Men's Awareness Isn't Just for Men


Many men will grow mustaches on their faces for 30 days this month and become walking billboards for men’s health causes, especially cancers affecting men. At the beginning of the month, men start with a clean-shaven face and grow or groom their mo’s (that's guy-speak for mustaches) to raise awareness and raise money along the way. You can register here to get involved! 

Growing and sporting a gnarly mustache is pretty much out of the question for women, but there are ways that we can get involved and enjoy this facial decorative season as well. You can help your man maintain his mo in style with Clubman Moustache Wax, get him properly groomed with Every Man Jacks Shave Kit, or soothe his freshly groomed face with Burt's Bees Skincare for Men Aftershave.  

Still not enough participation for you? Check out this cutepolish mustache-inspired manicure that you can rock on your nails this month, and maybe even go the distance with Cora’s funky accessory so you can feel like part of the mo gang!


by cutepolish

Girls Do It Better - MUST SEE!

by Cora A.

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