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Beauty Tips for the Perfectionist


Do you consider yourself a little obsessive when it comes to your beauty collection? With spring cleaning in full swing, it's time to put a little order and structure into your regimen. From color-coded brushes to quirky organizing habits, we’ve got the perfectionist's checklist to make sure your routine gets an A+ in management.


Most skin care aficionados have their regimen down pat, but they still have to rifle through boxes of bottles and elixirs. Take the sorting out of your routine and line up your seasonal skin care on your counter chronologically. Once you’ve physically set the products in order, you can go through them factory-line style. It will help cut down the morning rush!


You're advised by experts and editors to take every beauty supplement in the book, but how can you remember to take your omega/flax/olive/fish oil/rosehip/vitamins without feeling overloaded? A little forethought and a plastic bag can help. Take 15 minutes every Sunday to prepackage all of your vitamins and supplements for the week into purse-sized Ziploc bags. In one swish and swallow, you get your daily dose of inner beauty.


Perfect beauty upkeep requires time management. Schedule bi-monthly manicures and pedicures with consistent monthly dates, and keep track of any facial or massage appointments by requesting quarterly calls from your spa. For your day-to-day routine, perform your bi-weekly mask treatments three days apart from one another. If it's on the calendar, do it!


Bombarded with inspiration but not sure how to organize it all? Create a blank checklist document in your word processor for any online links, images, and tutorial ideas that intrigue you. When you've tried the look, check off the item and move the content to bottom of the page. Set a goal of two new looks per week.


In a perfect world, all of our makeup brush handles would look perfectly alike. Realistically, that’s not that case—most gather their applicators from various sources over time. But if you’re a stickler for uniformity, unite your diverse brush kit with color! Use acrylic paint or nail lacquer to mark the ends of all your brush handles using whichever hue you prefer. The colored tips automatically unify your collection, and you’ll always know which brushes are yours.


How many times have you organized and reorganized your makeup drawer(s)? Don’t lie—it’s probably more than you can count on your fingers. That’s the fun of amassing a curated cosmetic collection! For the most functional setup, organize your stash by products (eyeliners vs. lipsticks). For a more visual statement, group your pots, pans, sticks, and wands by color or brand. Whichever method you choose, remember that consistency is key.