Beauty Detox: Glowing Skin Salad


Feeling a little heavy and bloated after all of your holiday feasting? Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder gives us a recipe for a probiotic and enzyme salad—the perfect meal to re-balance your digestive system and give you clear, glowing skin. Made from raw sauerkraut —which is fermented cabbage—the salad is full of probiotics (good bacteria), B vitamins, and enzymes (which help to maintain a healthy gut). “Probiotics have been associated with helping to keep the growth of unfavorable bacteria, yeast, and fungi in check, which keeps immunity strong, and promotes good digestion,” says Kim. Another positive? “When your intestinal flora and stomach is balanced, it equals clear, beautiful skin.” Sauerkraut is also high in B vitamins, which are important for helping your body to process food into energy. “I recommend eating at least half a cup daily at dinner,” says Kim.

Probiotic & Enzyme Salad

Base Ingredients:
  1. 1 medium green cabbage, shredded in a food processor or finely sliced by hand

  2. 6 of the large outer leaves of cabbage, intact

Liquid Brine Mixture Ingredients:
  1. 4 cups water

  2. 4 inches ginger root, peeled and grated

  3. 1 Tbsp unpasteurized miso paste


Place the shredded green cabbage in a large mixing bowl and put to the side. Blend the liquid brine mixture in your blender until smooth, and pour over the shredded cabbage. Mix well. Tightly pack the mixture into clean glass jars using a wooden spoon. Leave two inches of room at the top of the jars so the salad has room to expand. Fold a few of the outer cabbage leaves into very tight rolls, and place them on top of the mixture to fill that two-inch space. Tightly seal the jars.

Leave the jars in your pantry for five days. Be sure the room temperature is around 65 to 70 degrees. If it is slightly colder, wrap a towel around each jar and keep in the pantry. After the five days, remove the outer cabbage leaves and discard. Move the jars to the refrigerator. Bubbling is a good sign that healthy probiotics are teeming.

Unveil your probiotic & enzyme salad and enjoy at least half a cup at dinner every night—and also at lunch when possible. Once the seal has been broken on each jar, the salad will keep fresh in the refrigerator for up to one month.

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 Kimberly Snyder is a Los Angeles-based celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution. She began her work after journeying through 50 countries and six continents, learning about health and beauty from many different cultures. With a philosophy rooted in the belief that outer beauty is a reflection of inner health, Kim now works with clients such as Hilary Duff, Olivia Wilde, and Drew Barrymore. Get lots of health and beauty tips by following her on Twitter at @kimsbeautydetox.