Can You Pull Off Rock Star Hair?


After six weeks on tour, Maja Ivarsson, front woman for the Swedish band The Sounds and the new face of Sebastian Professional, chats with Beautylish about what it takes to look like a real rock star.

Q & AMaja Ivarsson

Q: You've been touring for quite some time now and you always rock such original and awesome hairstyles. Do you ever get stumped on what to do with your hair?

I don't always plan out my hairstyles for a show beforehand. I get inspired by all of the cool people I meet and places we visit from touring for so many years. I'd like to keep my color blonde but I'm not afraid to play around and try out different styles.    

Q: What's your backstage beauty routine like?

I usually spend about an hour before the show to get ready, with both hair and makeup. My hair is pretty easy now, I don't use a curling or straightening iron anymore, I did for a while but I like to change it up every now and again. So now it's just Sebastian Color Ignite when I wash it and then some Sebastian Shaper hairspray and a brush and I'm ready to go!

Q: While traveling on your, how do you keep your hair healthy—especially when you're styling it night after night for shows?

I'm pretty easy going when it comes to taking care of my hair on tour. I actually don't wash my hair every day. I don't like the look of newly washed hair—it's so much better when it's a little textured. Sebastian gives me the best products out there, so I'm in good hands. It’s perfect for the kind of life I live because sometimes on tour you don't know when you're going get your next shower!

Q: Are there any beauty tricks you've picked up from the pros on tour?

A hairdresser I met in L.A. showed me a quick fix backstage on how to get bigger hair and more volume. Just put your head between your legs and spray your hairspray while your hair is hanging down, shake it up and voilà—you have bigger hair in a second.          

Q: Do you have any beauty secrets?

I think being confident on stage and being comfortable in your own skin and enjoying what you are doing are the keys to 'looking good.' I use quite a lot of makeup on stage, and I love that, but when I’m off stage I like to tone it down a bit. I still enjoy keeping up my look on a day off, but in a much more subtle way. With a good foundation, mascara, blush and a pair of sunglasses, I’m good to go.

Q: It's prom season right now in the States. Do they have proms in Sweden?

I actually never went to my prom, oops! My best friend and I took the train down to Malmö instead. That was my way of being a rebel. Back then my hair was platinum blonde and I wore black jeans and a leather jacket! I still do, ha!

Images courtesy of Sebastian Professional

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