Real Red-Eye Reduction


Don't you hate it when bloodshot eyes ruin a perfectly good photo? Vampire makeup is currently trending, but inflamed blood vessels in your eyes aren't so pretty during the waking hours. And with the holiday party season in full swing and the cameras clicking away, there's no time to be in the red. Whether your eyes are sleep-deprived or irritated, try these tips and tricks to banish the bloodshot look.

With makeup...

An eye liner with a blue undertone will illuminate the whites of your eyes, reducing the red glaze. Apply a deep but vibrant navy eye liner such as Prestige Cosmetics Liquid Eye Liner in Azure along your upper lash line. Brighten your eyes further by tracing an aqua pencil along the water line. The robin's egg blue shade of Origins Eye Brightening Color Stick instantly gives the illusion of clearer eyes.

In a photo emergency...

Ever have those itchy, red-eyed emergencies when you're stranded from your beauty products? Here's a quick fix for any last-minute appearances. Take your ring fingers and lightly press on the center of your closed eyelids. Gently rock your fingers on the lids for five seconds. When you open your eyes, the whites will look brighter. Unfortunately, the red vessels will return after 20 minutes, but it's a perfect solution in any emergency beauty scenario. To avoid reflective red irises in a photo—the dreaded “demon eyes”—look toward the shooter’s shoulder instead of directly at the flash.

Before bedtime...

After your eyes are exposed to the day's environmental contaminants, it's no wonder many of you have bloodshot eyes at night. Rinse your face and eyes of pesky pollutants and makeup residue with a gentle yet thorough cleanser such as cult favorite Philosophy Purity Made Simple. If your peepers are still red, apply over-the-counter or prescription eye drops before you go to sleep.

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