Thoughtful Holiday Gift-Giving


It’s easy to treat your friends and family to gorgeous holiday beauty sets, but what if you wanted to give more meaningful presents this season? You can still touch someone's life utilizing your favorite hobby—beauty! Here are three ways a beauty lover can earn extra karma points for the holidays.

1. Donate dust-collectors.

Do you have loads of brand-new gift-with-purchase cosmetics, baskets of unused hotel toiletries, and gifted bath and body kits galore? Don't let them collect dust into the New Year! Create a few assorted beauty baskets and donate these pretty products to a local women's shelter. These unexpected packages are perfect for women who need a little extra perk during the holidays.

2. Help others at the makeup counter.

Use your mastery of makeup to help a friend in dire need of a holiday makeover. Give her the gift of your product knowledge and take her for a day of shopping at the makeup counter. Act as her personal consultant and help her select her most flattering colors! She'll be grateful for your expertise.

3. Become a DIY chemist.

You know skin care like the back of your hand, so invite your favorite Beauties over for a night of custom beauty treatments! Mix your favorite DIY beauty recipes with seasonal skin care ingredients designed to help your friends’ skin. Print out their new skin care regimen on special holiday stationery and send them home with a surefire way to gorgeous skin 24-7.