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Have you caught your boyfriend stealing your cleanser, or noticed that your favorite bottle of shampoo has been getting lighter in the shower? These days, guys are taking a lot more notice of their hair and skin, and swiping products from you is probably the easiest way for them to find a good cleanser or try out a new shampoo. With brow waxing, men's serums, and more education about men's grooming becoming available, it makes sense to buy products that work for both yourself and your guy.

Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase Hydra Balance Cleanser

This cleanser is inexpensive (you can find it at the drugstore), doesn't look too feminine, and is wonderful for sensitive skin, so it's great for you and your boy. It also restores your skin’s natural pH balance and is fragrance free, so he won’t have to worry about applying moisturizer after cleansing or smelling like a girl.

2 Lush Friends with Benefits Massage Bar

This innovative new massage bar is a body moisturizer that you rub over your skin. It's made from cocoa butter and African marigold essential oils, smells like oranges and chocolate, and has small nodules on the bar, so you really get a massage when you use it. Get your boyfriend to use it on his feet so he not only deodorizes his toes but also moisturizes an area he would most likely forget!

3 JASON Frosted Plum Scented Body Wash

Investing in a body wash you can both enjoy means you will know he'll always smell delicious. The baked plum and vanilla scent is woody enough that your man will love it, and the formula contains almond oil so it provides plenty of moisture. Note: This is only available in stores.

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