BEAUTYLISH New York Fashion Week Dispatch No. 2: Gold and Glittered Brows at DEGEN/Converse


Yesterday Beautylish dropped in to the DEGEN/Converse spring 2013 show “The Revolution Will Be Craftivised“ at Industria in the West Village. This is Lindsay Degen’s third collection of crafty, creative, and inspired knitwear that blurs the lines of fashion and art.

The makeup was fresh and minimal, yet unexpected. Glitter in varying shades of gold decorated both lips and brows of the male and female models. Applied with slight imperfection, it looked youthful and understated—a first for glitter anything. The finished look was dewy, but playful and humorous paired with pieces described on the Degen program as “Pizza Bra” or “Terror Squad Undies.” The glitter brows shined wonderfully under the crocheted hats by collaborator Amy Cakes.