Brow Bleaching: Bright Idea or Bad Decision?


Repeat after us—bold, bleached brows are back. Now, say it five times fast. Tricky ain’t it? Trickier still is pulling off this fall trend without looking totally out of this world. After models stomped down countless autumn runways sporting fresh yet elegant blonde brows, it became clear that the look would be key come September. At Gucci, the lightened arches balanced out burgundy- and oxblood-heavy lip looks, reminiscent of the mid ‘90s. Calvin Klein took a hint from Lisbeth Salander, pairing light brows with dark hair, which looked tough alongside his collection of bold black and orange ensembles. Prada on the other hand, showed us the inevitable bleach-gone-wrong with their bright tangerine brow.

The look, however, is not for everyone. While watching Die Antwoord videos may have duped you into thinking invisi-brows might help bring out your unique and exotic bone structure, you may end up regretting the decision the way Kelly Osbourne did after her brief foray into the land of peroxide left her feeling extraterrestrial.

We’re calling on you to decide—are bleached brows setting the tone for your face this fall, or is it  simply a fad you’ve already grown out of? Surprise us in the poll below and let the battle of the brows begin!