Is Hand Art the Next Big Thing in Beauty? These Photos Say Yes!


Is it a bird? A snake? Is it even alive? Valid questions asked when viewing Italian artist Guido Daniele's handiwork. He's been working in the fields of hyper-realistic painting and photography since the late '60s, but stepped into hand art as a medium just over a decade ago. His wildlife inspired, trompe l'oeil finger creatures, titled "Handimals," are really something to see for yourself. Often called upon to collaborate on creative campaigns, Guido's work is best seen in an incredible global AT &T ad campaign and his work with the World Wildlife Fund.

Using his trusty Kryolan Aquacolors and his Windsor & Newton brushes—the "best brush for fine details," he tells Beautylish—Guido fashions forms straight from nature. Tufted feathers, patchy fur, lustrous reptilian skin—there's no texture or animal he can't replicate, and the sheer amount of detail he includes is insane. Natural elements inspire Guido's affinity for detail, including trees, rocks, and mountains, color choices are considered, and "cat eyes" take new meaning. It's almost too real.

With eye liner techniques, nail art, and even body art at an all-time popularity, the hands don't often get enough attention, but Guido believes "the human hands can build or can destroy our world." In an industry which views hands more as tools than than art, these are some powerful words. Enjoy some Monday inspiration below, be sure to check out more of Guido's incredible work here, and keep practicing your paint job.