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Just in From Japan: Beautécam, A Social Network for Your Skin!


Should your skin belong to a social network? That’s the question that came to mind when we were testing Beautécam, an iPhone-compatible app that puts all the focus on your complexion. Developed by Japanese company Rakuraku, Beautécam was introduced as a way for everyone to try their hand at self-skin analysis.

Directions say to clip on a 30x magnification lens (sold separately) over an iPhone camera, open up the app, and snap a photo of skin up close. The app then checks for texture, dryness, aging, sunspots, and pores, and you can share your results with friends online.

Looking at your skin at 4x magnification, let alone 30x, is a little jarring at first, but we had a lot of fun zooming in and learning about our skin types—the results were pretty spot on. Besides the skin check, Beautécam also comes loaded with a list of other interesting features that you wouldn't expect to find, including messaging, friend requesting, weather forecasts, and social media sharing tools.

Maybe we’re not completely sold on the concept yet and a little confused by the sheer amount of stuff to do on the app, but we think Beautécam’s skin analysis technology has the potential to develop into something truly innovative come version two. Would you close in on your skin in the name of social sharing? Share your thoughts about the app below.

Download Beautécam Ver. 3.0.1 for iPhone and iPod touch free in the App Store