Learn to Apply Any Faux Lash Like a Pro!


If you’ve never been able to successfully apply false lashes, trust us—you’re not alone. With so many different brands and types of faux lashes available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Learn a little lash lingo and technique below, and you’ll be able to apply any strip of falsies like a pro.


Individuals are classified as tiny groups of false lashes—three to five strands per bunch—and are a great way to add subtle volume while keeping that soft, natural look. To apply, simply dip the end of the individual lash in your adhesive, wait fifteen to thirty seconds until it’s tacky, then place the end closely to the base of your natural lashes. Allow a few seconds to dry, then apply more as desired—focus placement on your outer lash line. When all individuals have dried, curl them to blend into your real eyelashes, and apply a coat of mascara.


If individual lashes are too time consuming, and you want to add some extra flirt for your smoky eye, simply apply these to the outer corners of your eyes. Though they give a similar result, end lashes are similarly structured to full strips but a bit shorter than a full band. To help them blend gently curve the lash band so that they sit on your lid the way they would if they were your real lashes.


A full strip of lashes sits on a band that spans the entire length of your lash line. Before placing these on your lids, make sure they fit your eye shape first. If the strip is too long, simply trim any excess length at the outer edge with a pair of scissors. When you’re ready to go, line the band of your strip with lash glue, and place the center of the lash band at the center of your upper lash line first, then press down the corners. This will ensure that the band is not too close to the inner corner of your eye, causing irritation. If you have a hard time placing your lash band on your first attempt, try sweeping lash glue on your lid—instead of your false lashes—first, then place the strip over the area you painted with adhesive.


Sometimes, more is merrier in the world of falsies. To double-up the drama, carefully stack the second pair of lashes on top of the first layer of lashes as close as possible to the lash band. This might take some practice—the more precise you are with your placement, the more polished the final look. To meld the two lash strips together, curl with an eyelash curler first, then apply a coat of mascara to connect the two pairs.