5 Ways to Use Natasha Denona’s Sunset Palette


With summer just around the corner, we’re gearing up for warmer weather with—you guessed it—glowing skin, beachy hair, and bright, bronzed eye looks that remind us of far-off tropical destinations. That’s where the Sunset Palette comes in. Natasha Denona’s newest release is a limited edition collection of eye shadows inspired by the rich, warm hues of the setting sun. With 15 totally-new shades in Natasha’s four signature finishes (Creamy Matte, Metallic, Chroma Crystal, and Duo-Chrome), we’re confident that the Sunset Palette is going to get a lot of use in the upcoming months. Here, Natasha shares some of her favorite makeup looks to create with the palette—and breaks down exactly how to achieve them on your own.

Pretty in Pink

To create this soft, peachy pink look, Natasha applied Atmosphere 120M, a metallic rosy bronze, to the outer V of the eye and the lower lashline. She added Bermuda 130CM to the center of the lid, and then lightly packed Vulcano 125CM into the crease. She used Atmosphere and Bermuda as transition shades, blending them down into the lower lashline. For a luminous, eye-brightening effect, Natasha applied Ice Gold 122K, a sheer golden cream, onto the brow bone and waterline. She finished off the monochromatic look with Lip Liner Pencil in L1 - Light Natural and Lip Color Shiny in 16 - Beige on the lips.

The Golden Hour Goddess

Now this is what we call a statement look. Natasha started by sweeping Bronzage 124K, a shimmering light copper, over the entire lid and into the inner corner of the eye. She applied Panjin 132CM along the waterline, Terra 129CM to the lower lashline, and Aubade 126K to the inner part of the lower lashline. She then blended Igneous 133CM on the outer V and Sinai 121CM, a matte burnt terracotta shade, into the inner crease of the eye for soft definition, using Horizon 127CM, a matte warm orange, as her transition shade. To extend the color out beyond the eye socket, she blended Panjin over the outer crease and up into the temples and cheekbones. To pull it all together, she used Terra as a transition shade between Igneous and Panjin on the outer corner of the eye. For extra drama, Natasha lined the lips with Lip Liner Pencil in L11 - Bordeauxand applied Lip Color Shiny in 58 - Warm Plum with a lip brush.

Tangerine Tones

For this juicy look, Natasha started by applying Morgana 131DC, a golden coral duochrome, over the entire eyelid and Aubade 126K in the inner corner. She smudged Panjin 132CM, a matte deep red, along the waterline before applying Igneous 133CM in the crease. She layered Vulcano 125CM and Bermuda 130CM as transition shades and finished with Terra 129CM along the lower lashline. To keep the focus on the eyes, Natasha lined the lips with Lip Liner Pencil L2 - Medium Natural and applied a sheer layer of Lip Color Tint in 04T - Coral.

Pop of Sunshine

Sol 134CM, a bright yellow with a matte finish, is the star of this mod-inspired cut crease. Natasha started by packing it onto the eyelid and then worked Igneous 133CM just above the crease. She used Sinai 121CM and Atmosphere 120M as transition shades before using an angled brush to line the eyes with Work Set Cream Eyeliner in Brown. She finished off the look with Lip Liner Pencil in L1 - Light Natural and Lip Color Shiny in 46 - Plaine Nude on the lips.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Natasha created this smoldering smoky eye by patting Sundazed 128K, a sparkling true gold, into the inner corner of the eye and Mandarine 123DC, a golden orange duochrome, onto the center of the lid. She created a soft cat eye in the outer corner of the eye with Igneous 133CM and used Horizon 127CM to transition between Igneous and Mandarine. She filled in the lips with Lip Liner Pencil in L1 - Light Natural and then applied Lip Glaze in 18 - Flesh on top for a glossy neutral lip.