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Scrub a Dub: Summer’s Most Effective Exfoliators


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Finding more pimples, blackheads, and skin perfections than usual? Sweat, pollution, and even days at the beach can wreck havoc on your skin, which means it’s time to amp up your exfoliation. However, not all scrubs are made equal. Just like a moisturizer or cleanser, your exfoliator should be complexion specific. We’ve put together a how-to guide, just pick your skin type!


Here’s some advice: An exfoliating scrub should never (and we mean never), feel too harsh on your skin, and this rule especially applies to those with sensitive skin. Instead, use a gentle mask every week with a chemical ingredient (rather than those with physical granules). We’re obsessed with Murad’s Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask. Pomegranate extract and fruit enzymes work as natural alpha hydroxy acids to remove dead skin and provide your complexion with a dose of antioxidants.


Oily skin really becomes a problem in the warmer months! To combat an oil slick and prevent blackheads and blemishes from clogged pores, we adore M.Steves Power-Packed Reviving Exfoliator. Full of shine-stopping ingredients such as rose hip seed oil, dead sea mud, and glycolic acid, the formula is designed to be left on like a mask rather than scrubbing at your skin.


Looking for something effective to use on your oily T-zone but nourishing enough to combat dryness on your cheeks? Garnier’s Resurfacing 3-Way Cleanser is gentle enough to use every day and leaves your hybrid skin feeling smooth and polished—without irritation.

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