The Trick To Making Danessa Myricks Blurring Balm Powder Work for Your Skin Type

In the latest addition of things that TikTok made me buy, meet Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder. I know the name sounds like a contradiction, but the unique complexion product is exactly that—both a balm and a powder at the same time.

While many of Danessa’s products have a cult following (think: Twin Flames or Infinite Chrome Flakes), this complexion product has gone viral far beyond any of her other bestsellers.

Not only has it impressed influencers and creators, but experts, too. It was recently recognized as one of this year’s top beauty innovations with Allure’s Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award. As a beauty editor, I’m constantly trying out the latest and greatest, and this is by far the most unique complexion product I’ve tried yet. I’m not kidding.

The Secret Ingredients

“In my experience, people want what powder does, but they don’t necessarily want powder, you know?” —Danessa Myricks.

This sentiment led her to create the breakthrough balm-powder hybrid formula that features chalk-like upsalite to absorb excess sebum and squalene and hyaluronic acid for hydration. It’s called balance.


As excited as I am about the fancy spatula that comes with the product, I prefer applying it with my fingertips. It blends into skin immediately (and seamlessly), so I don’t feel the need to throw a brush or sponge into the mix.

The creamy balm instantly transforms to a powdery finish that feels like nothing on the skin—in the best way. I’m amazed at how the product almost disappears, leaving a blurred, velvety finish. A little goes a long way with this one, but it also layers well if you need additional coverage in certain areas.

Pro-tip: Since the product has a powder-like finish, you’ll want to prep your skin with hydrating skincare before applying, especially if your skin is on the drier side.

The Wear

For context, I have combination skin that’s mostly dry with an oily T-zone.

The balm offers light coverage—similar to a tinted moisturizer—with a true second skin finish. It blurs texture, redness, pores, and evens out the complexion while keeping oil at bay. I usually need to touch up my T-zone with a mattifying powder throughout the day, but not with the blurring powder. It perfectly balances my skin, absorbing the sebum in the oily areas without drying out the rest of my face or giving a cakey finish.

I finished my look with a powder bronzer and cream blush, and it played well with both textures. Because of its powdery finish, there’s no need to set it.

Aside from its magical formula, I also love how versatile this product is. Depending on the look you’re going for, this can work as your primer, complexion product, setting powder, or all of the above. Since my everyday look is pretty lowkey, I can apply it and head out the door without needing any setting powder, mattifying powder, or additional products. It’s also great to have on-hand for low maintenance touch-ups throughout the day.

The Verdict

I’m truly so impressed by this product. Its unique balm-to-powder texture makes it extremely versatile while being easy to apply and suitable for many skin types. It’s a no-brainer for oily and combination skin, but will also work for those on the drier side with the right skin prep. While it won’t replace a high-coverage foundation or concealer, it’s great for a light, your-skin-but-better finish. With its ideal combination of mattifying and hydrating ingredients, it really does keep skin balanced throughout the day without the need of additional products. Use it as a primer, finishing powder, or as I prefer, a one-and-done product to keep on-hand at all times.

Images courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty