How OCC Repackaged A Cult-Loved Product


Ever wonder what really goes into packaging (or repackaging) some of your favorite makeup products? We spoke with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics creative director David Klasfeld, for the lowdown on creating the brand’s highly pigmented, cult-loved favorite: Lip Tar. “This is actually the third generation of Lip Tar,” begins David. “We’ve packaged it twice already, and increased the pigment load.” But for the popular indie label, it’s the inside of a beauty product—rather than the outer—that really counts.

Initially, Lip Tar was created for makeup artists, but when consumers started going ga-ga for the liquid lipstick, it made sense for OCC to repackage the formula in a more user-friendly system. “Switching to a needlepoint dispenser made the most sense for our customers,” says David. “It’s practical for both makeup artists and an at-home user, so it was very much a logical decision to choose that applicator.” But when it comes down to it, it’s pigment first! “For us, it’s the product itself that matters—OCC is more concerned about delivering an incredible formula in simple, sleek packaging," explains David. "Our main goal is to let the product speak for itself, and that comes from quality, not from a pretty bottle.” The minimalist aesthetic is also indicative of the branding, which aims to be streamlined and easy to use.

What do you think about OCC’s latest redesign, and what do you look for in makeup packaging? Share your thoughts below!

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