Get Glossy Eyes!



Have you always wondered how models rock lustrous, shiny eye makeup looks in high-fashion editorial shoots? For a quick liquid-y texture on the lids, makeup artists usually turn to Vaseline to achieve the effect. Unfortunately, slathering jelly over your eyes doesn’t bode well for durability, and the lack of lasting power has us yearning for more hard-wearing options. Try these products and techniques and see how you create glossy lids that last!

Make it Multidimensional

A glossy, creamy eye makeup looks gorgeous on its own. But add a little shimmer to that mix, and you've got yourself glowing peepers like you've never seen before! We love dabbing a drop of Lorac's 3D Liquid Lustre on the center of our lids and across our brow bone for a reflective finish. And because you only need a drop of product, you’ll never worry about creasing!

(Lip) Gloss it Up

Tacky lip glosses are designed to last longer on your lips, and the same rule applies on your eyes! Since they're less slippery than a lotion or jelly, a lip lacquer stays on your skin for the long haul. To avoid a sticky situation, apply your favorite thick formula over an eye primer, and keep the placement above the crease and on the center of the lids.

Layer the Lacquer

Everything lasts longer on the skin when it's layered. Apply your glossing agent—jelly, luster, or lip gloss—over a base of eye primer and crease-proof color like makeup artist Jordan L. in his stunning glossy eyes tutorial. Keep alternating shadow and gloss for added durability.

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