Easy Fixes for Common Beauty Blunders


Beauty bloopers happen. You know what we mean—one minute, you’re merrily applying your makeup, humming (or belting) along to the Frozen soundtrack, and SHOOT! You quivered, or the cat ran into your leg, and now there’s some stuff on your face that you didn’t put there. Or maybe you’re just a little unsteady and your liner game isn’t there yet. Whether you’re a beauty newbie or seasoned pro, we have four quick little tricks to erase common slip-ups, fast!

Mistake: Mascara on the browbone

The Fix: This always seem to happen right after you’ve done the world’s best smokey eye, right? Sometimes waiting for your mascara to dry before glancing up just doesn’t happen. If you find yourself sporting that telltale black streak right under the brows, don’t panic! Take a cotton swab with a dot of silicone primer like Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer and gently sweep it over the offending mark. The smudge will vanish without disturbing the masterpiece you created.

Mistake: Missing the spaces between lashes with eyeliner

The Fix: Pencils sometimes skip on the skin, and liquid liners require a really steady hand, so this is an easy mistake to make. But it’s just as easy to fix if you go back over your first pass. Grab either a cream liner or a shadow in a shade that matches your liner. Then get a small amount of the pigment onto the tips of a flat liner brush like Wayne Goss Brush 08, and press it into the lashline. That’s it.

Mistake: Shadow fallout on cheeks and under eyes

The Fix: Cleaning up dark flakes can wipe out a ton of hard-won concealing and brightening. Simple solution—leave your concealer step until after you’ve finished your sultry look. Go in with a cotton pad or a wipe to pick up stray pieces of shadow or liner, and then begin the process of erasing all traces of dark circles.

Mistake: Harsh, poorly blended shadow

The Fix: We got this tip from Wayne Goss, everyone’s favorite vlogger and makeup brush designer. In this video about eye shadow gaffes, he explains, “Most people put on their eye shadow and then they blend with the same brush, which just muddies the water.’” Wayne’s solution? Use one brush to apply, and another to blend. “Always use a clean brush to blend. Any brush with a loose bristle will work.” Try Wayne Goss Brush 06.

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