Blush Battle: Cream vs. Powder



One thing we're currently crushing on? Gorgeously pretty, flushed, rosy cheeks. The problem? So many formulas and too little time! When it comes to blush, do you choose a cream or a powder? Thinking there must be some higher power governing blush decisions, we asked Lorac cosmetics founder Carol Shaw and celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane for their opinions. Funnily enough, the results were completely polar—guess you really can’t have too much of a good thing!


"Personally and professionally, I love powder blush," admits Carol. "It gives a beautiful healthy glow and works extremely well for girls with oily skin, as it helps to subdue a shiny complexion. Some cream blushes also contain oil, which can cause breakouts!" When applying powder blush, it helps to dust off excess pigment from your brush, and begin applying from your hairline towards the apple of your cheek. This will ensure that you don't have a huge buildup of product in the center of your face, and it's easier to blend the powder into your hairline!

Carol's recommendation: Lorac Matte Satin Baked Blush


"My heart is with cream blushes," counters Rosie. "A cream blush is easier to blend into the skin, and it gives a slight, dewy glow. I love wearing a cream blush in the summer, as it seems to stay longer through the heat. A cream powder will also look fresh on your face, as opposed to cakey. Plus, it helps your skin to stay moisturized!”

Rosie’s recommendation: Bobbi Brown Lip & Cheek Pots

So, Beauties, which texture do you prefer? Let us know your preference in the comments below!

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