5 Small Steps To Change Your Body Dramatically


We've all made some New Year's resolutions, but will you actually stick to that new diet, or are you still finishing the leftovers? Deciding to cut out bread and sugar is good in theory, but the reality is that you won't stick to such an extreme change much longer than a few days (if that!). By making small tweaks to your lifestyle you'll be modifying the way you live for the long haul. We spoke with celebrity nutritionists Haylie Pomroy and Kimberly Snyder, and wellness expert Frank Lipman, M.D., and discovered 5 different ways you change your lifestyle in the New Year.

Cut back on liquids

Don’t drink liquids when you eat. “During mealtimes you should drink as little possible,” says Kim. “Too much liquid during meals slows digestion by diluting our digestive juices. Instead, drink a glass of water 30 minutes before you eat.” By filling your stomach with water first, you’ll also feel fuller so you won’t need as much food.

Get raw

Start every meal with raw food. It could be a salad or even a few veggie sticks. “Raw food not only contains bulky fiber but it will act as a cushion to the other heavier foods that follow and help them digest better,” says Kim. It will also ensure that you don’t overindulge on the bread basket!

Practice posing

By starting your day with one yoga pose you’ll feel more energized, have a clearer mind, and get your blood flowing. "Restorative yoga is the perfect antidote to the over-stressed state we all are in because you don’t have to exert any energy," says Dr. Lipman. We like the wall stretch: Standing three feet away, face the wall and place the ball of your left foot against it, with your foot bent at 45 degrees. Keep your weight on the center of your left heel and let your right foot turn out a little. Keep the front of your hips parallel to the wall and place your hands as far up the wall as you can reach. Open your hands, spreading your fingers, and straighten your elbows. Keeping your legs straight, tighten your kneecaps and pull your thigh muscles up. Extend your back heel backward. Move your hips away from the wall while pressing your hands to the wall. Let your neck relax, rest your head on the wall, and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with the right leg forward.

Buy a crock pot

One complaint every busy girl makes is that there isn't enough time to make a healthy meal. “By investing in a crock pot, you can cook your dinner while you're at work or school, or even make it overnight while you're sleeping," says Haylie. Try a vegetable soup! Simply add stock and your favorite vegetables and leave it to cook for one to two hours.

Exercise, Exercise

Getting active—for at least 20 minutes a day—is essential to a healthy lifestyle and slimmer physique. If you’re stuck in an office all day and can’t even fit in a lunchtime walk, use a resistance band and small arm weights to do stretches at your desk. You’ve heard this before, but choose the stairs over the elevator (at least once a week). Those extra steps really help—you’ll be surprised at how much exercise you’ll be getting!