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Velvety smooth!

This primer is amazing! It glides on effortlessly. It feels so smooth on my skin, and in moments I'm ready to apply my foundation. It helps to keep my foundation from fading as the day goes on, and it does minimize my pores. It gives me a flawless complexion, and I'm completely in love with this stuff!

They did it again!!!

I have to say I'm just as impressed with the Naked2 palette as I am of the original Naked palette from Urban Decay. The pigmentation is wonderful, and well the quality is just what I'd expect from Urban Decay. I love me some matte shadow, but I have to say the shimmer's steal my heart. My favorite shades in this palette have got to be booty call, pistol, and verve. I love all the colors, however. If I were giving some advice to someone who hasn't gotten either one of the Naked palettes yet I'd say to give the second one a try. I feel like the colors work better with my skin tone, but everyone has their preference. Maybe go to your local sephora and see if they have the palettes out so you can swatch them yourself so you can see which one you'll like better. I love the brush in this set, and I love the lip gloss.

Amazingly beautiful scent!

I got this as a sample a while back, and as someone who is very hesitant to try new perfume, I figured since the sample was free I'd give it a try. I have to say that I have worn the same perfume for 10+ years, and I find it hard to wear new perfumes because they can give me a headache or even make me nauseous. When this came in the mail I spritzed just a tad on my wrists to start, and surprisingly it had the same effect on me as the perfume I have been wearing for years. I could smell it initially, but then after about 20 minutes the fragrance faded from my nose. Not that it wasn't noticable to others, but what I mean is that what I was told by my mother is that when something is your fragrance you can't smell it on yourself. The perfume I've worn for so many years has the same effect on me, no matter how much I spray on myself I cannot smell it, but I get complimented all the time. The next time I spritzed Miss Dior Cherie on I put it on my wrists, each side of my neck, and a little dab on my bust line. Again I couldn't smell it on myself unless I would put my nose to my wrist, but everyone was complimenting this scent. It's truly a beautiful smelling perfume. I would describe it as delicate, young, new love, vibrant, fresh, and comforting all at once. If you go to any Sephora that carries this in the store, they will make you a sample and I suggest you go get one soon, because I know you'll love this perfume!!!


I love Maybelline products, and when I saw this I had to try it. I don't like it as much as my usual eye liner, Maybelline Line Stilleto (not sure) liquid eye liner, but it's really worth purchasing! It went on really smooth, and the brush is really soft. They weren't lying when they said it doesn't smudge and it's waterproof. I still have some on my hand that I couldn't get off from where I had to try it out immediately when I got it home! Definitely check this one out!


I absolutely love this liquid eyeliner. Where to begin?! The handle is long and easy to hold, the tip is soft and glides effortlessly, the tip has not frayed, and the formula is wonderful!


I recently purchased this when it was in the sale section, and I got it for 29.99, but unfortunately it's not on sale anymore. I decided because of the cheap price I'd give it a try. The greatest thing is that each potion is full size! I love all of them, and even though it's not on sale anymore, it's still a fantastic deal!

(let me also note that the box of potions I purchased had the complexion potion, primer potion, lip potion, and eyelash potion)


I love this primer. It goes on smooth and creamy. It does just as it should. Keeps my shadow in place, and keeps it from creasing. I got this recently as a sample in a palette I purchased from Too Faced, and I was very impressed. I will be buying a full sized tube in the near future!

Great for the price!

I spent 8 bucks on this concealer palette, and I was pleasantly surprised. I used the yellow one (because it's rather thick and sticky) as a primer for my eyes for the longest time, and it prevented my shadow from creasing and it also lengthened the wear on the eyeshadow. I then moved on to the darker skin tone for the primer (since I used up almost all the yellow) and have since almost used all of that pan as well. I recently started using the rose colored concealer under my eyes and it gives you a very sheer coverage. Overall, apart from the yellow and darker skin shade, the other concealers are rather greasy and they're pretty sheer. It's pretty cheap so I think it's great for a starter concealer palette, and like I said i used the two shades as primer under my shadows and they worked great!


I could wear this stuff 24/7, and most times I do. I have been wearing this perfume for close to 11 years, and everyone always says it reminds them of me. It smells so great. I would reccomend this to EVERYONE! I once had a lady follow me down 6 or so isles at a grocery store and finally ask me "What is that perfume you're wearing?? It smells amazing!" I love Clinique Happy so much! Also, I got this set quite a while ago, and I love the little pencil. It's so fabulous to have in your purse to just rub a little on your wrists or behind your ears to freshen up the scent whenever you need your Clinique Happy fix through out the day!

Beautiful scent

I smelled this and I had to buy it! Unfortunately since I'm very sensetive to smells this didn't work for me. The scent lasts long, and it smells beautiful. The price is really good too. The best way to describe it is seriuosly just a sophisticated smell. I reccomend this to anyone!

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