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Box of Potions

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Brittany M.
Value at its best

I purchased this a long, long while ago lol but it is amazing except for one thing...the lip primer. The entire value of the set itself is amazing. If you buy each of these individually it would cost double and then some. The matte primer does exactly what it should for my oily skin. It smooths the skin and makes pores almost vanish. Only issue is that it feels a bit thick when applying it but it absorbs into skin very nicely. The brightening primer actually worked well for my oily skin. I did have to blot a bit more than usual but my skin looked dewy and not like I had been sweating. The eye primer is a favorite of mine and helps my oily lids stay matte and shadows last longer. I love the lash primer, it separates my lashes and gives them added length and volume and makes the mascara more intense and not clumpy. The lip primer was not so great. It did not go on smoothly at all and left my lips feeling very dry. I'm glad I got it in this set because I would not buy this on its own. Makes me sad that this was limited edition but 4 out of 5 products was awesome and they are all full size.

Amanda A.
fantastic selection

LOve that this comes with the basics every lady needs-primer potion! THis kit allows you to try a bit of everything and see what you may need or live without :)

Meghan G.

I love everything primer..... I believe with a good primer your makeup can look flawless. The fact that this kit come with fullsizes is amazing. Weather you are interested in one or more of the products in this kit. Its worth the price. I bought this a few month ago so I could try the lash primer and my mom could finally try the primer potion... I fell in love not only with the lash primer but the lip and complextion primers. I have been a fan of the primer potion for years now. All the primers. Make your skin smooth and yoour makeup glide on.

Jennifer M.

I recently purchased this when it was in the sale section, and I got it for 29.99, but unfortunately it's not on sale anymore. I decided because of the cheap price I'd give it a try. The greatest thing is that each potion is full size! I love all of them, and even though it's not on sale anymore, it's still a fantastic deal!

(let me also note that the box of potions I purchased had the complexion potion, primer potion, lip potion, and eyelash potion)

Melly D.
Best of the best!

Some of the best primers by one of the best companies out there! And pricing was ridiculously cheap!! I've been trying to buy another set, but everywhere I go-- it's SOLD OUT! Grrr. The lash primer is exquisite! I use it everyday.. even when I'm applying false eyelashes I still apply it to give my lashes a fuller effect.

Emma M.
Box of Love!

As usual this was an impulse purchase but so totally worth it! The woman at Ulta let me purchase these even before they actually put them on the floor! (That is how good of a customer I am) haha anyway the thing about this was it was only $29!! For 4 full size products? Yes please! I had not tried the lash primer, the lip primer, or the pore perfecting primer. My box did not come with the brightening one so I cant comment on that but all the others I will. I am in LOVE with the lash primer! It helps curl my lashes and it is so easy to apply mascara. No flakies! I never thought I would need a lash primer! The lip primer was interesting because I have never used one of those either. It definitely made my lipstick last longer! Loved that as well. As far as the lid primer goes, we all know how amazing that is. The pore perfecting primer I am a little torn on. It doesn't say oil-free so I don't know if it is or not, I don't think so though. I like using oil free primers because I have combo skin. Buuuuut overall it is a great investment I totally love these products! Sorry for the length! Blog review coming soon :)

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