Beauty Product Reviews

Flavour to the max

I love wearing this perfume, and so did my friends. I wore it to school (always) in the morning, and it pretty much lasted 'till the night. It is amazing. So floral and yet spicy at the same time. It's amazing. Plus, Chris Evans is pretty hot (;

Amazing coverage

So basically, I've only started using this, and I put this on after I put MAC's studio fix powder to the areas where I've put concealer on. And really, this is amazing. Keeps my skin matte and not oily. I was amazed at how not oily my skin was. Even after like say..approx <12 hours. Purely amazing.


My skin is approx NC30, and this lipstick goes well with my skin tone. It's also a great classic red and is perfect for that 50's/60's look. Definitely my fav red lipstick.

minty goodness

Every time I wear this, it makes me lick my lips because the minty taste and smell is too good to pass out. It's nice and glittery, and quite easy to wear. Even though the tint is quite 'neutral', but I usually wear lipstick first, then the gloss so it all works out. All in all, love this product. I just can't get enough of it!


I love the packaging and the fact they give you tutorials and stuff. I also love the colours because they're dark (duh lol "book of shadows"). This was my first ever book, and I share it with my mum. We love it, but mum doesn't like the fall out. I love the fall out from the lighter glittery ones because it adds to the party/Ke$ha effect.


Absolutely great. In addition to the Ammo palette, this is also my fav because it has Adam Lambert colours as well. It's great for nights out. Shimmery and bold brings attention to the eyes.

Adam Lambert colours

I love this palette because the colours are so Adam Lambert inspired and I love Adam Lambert! I love the shimmers, but I kinda dislike the slight fallout it has (especially with the black colour). Overall, this palette is great for a party or just a night out.

Absolutely love it~

Definitely my fav liquid liner. The tip is nice and thin, and you hold it like a pencil, so it's more precise. Not as precise as using an angled brush, but it's still good. The colour is nice and dark. Might need a few seconds to let it dry, otherwise it'll smudge. Other than that, it's pretty good. Absolutely great.


I just love this palette. This is a great neutral palette ranging from the lightest brown to black. I often use this palette for special occasions and just normal occasions. This is a great palette for trilight lovers because most of the makeup they use on set are neutral colours. Needless to say, I absolutely adore this one.