Lillee J.

This smells like man. Okay. Thats all I have to say man. There is nothing elegant about it, nothing powerful just smells awful in fact scratch the man idea OLD LADY. I am so disappointed in Gucci and I loved Bamboo- total miss for me.

Kelly  F.
My Signature Scent

I have never found myself to have a "signature" scent. I have always bounced from one brand to another...whatever I thought smelled good. I received a sample from Sephora with my VIB points and I have used NOTHING else since then. This smells so good. The scent lingers throughout the day and doesn't fade fast. I'm in love with this perfume.

Renay T.

One of my FAVORITES. I love the packaging, so gorgeous. The scent is wonderful, very musky yet sweet. Definitely a "sexy" scent. I LOOOVE this on days when I need a pick me up, because seriously it is the bomb and makes you feel great. Always get compliments in it as well!

Morgan B.
Strong and sexy

I'm pretty noncommittal when it comes to fragrance. I never settle on one for too long. That said, I love this. It really lasts, smells sexy but not cloying or overdone, and lingers just a little bit on the skin long after most scents would have faded. Perfect for date nights, but I'm definitely thinking about making this my signature scent.

Tamara  W.

Omg. This is one of my fav fragrances. I'm in luv with it. I usually wear it when I'm going on a date. My sister introduced me. Most def recommend!!!

Ashley  B.

I love this perfume!! I got free samples of it around Christmas time and next thing I knew it was on my Christmas list! It smells really sexy, it stays on ALL DAY LONG and a little goes a very long way. Prepare for endless compliments wearing it!

ItsSweetz B.

love love love I can't express the love I have for this guilty pleasure. I try not to wear it everyday BC I want it to last. The smell is so refreshing and long lasting.

Fernanda S.

My favorite perfume its my signature scent ever since I smelled it I fell in love with it and it stays well on you. Its a very sexy and exotic smell and my boyfriend loves it.

Natise M.
Very Sexy Scent

I received this as a birthday present a couple of years ago & since then it has became a permanent must have in my collection! I've repurchased this so many times since then. It's a very unique sexy scent that last all day long which I love! This is my go to every day, any day, any where fragrance.

Shayleen A.

I can honestly say this is my go to perfume got this as a gift.

It's natural smelling, warm, sensual, and so beautiful! A must-have for me. Guilty is a very warm human-skin scent, and its olfactory color is brown, to me. It has subtle, under-the-radar sensuality. For me, this is the best type of perfume -- better than outright floral or fruity scents.