Beauty Product Reviews

I don't have hyper pigmentation...

I don't have hyper pigmentation (that I'm all that worried about that is, I like some freckles). But when I use to work in retail I did actually have a costumer come back into the store just to thank me for recommending this product to her. She said it worked wonders, that she is so happy with it and that she felt confident without makeup on occasions after using it. So after feed back like that I would definitely recommend it again.

why so expensive ?

I just wish I could justify spending almost $20 on a mascar because if I could (then I could also prolly find a way to justify spending $60 on foundation ;) ) jk

if I could I would never allow my stash to be without this product it worx great for me.

I don't know what i would do without it !!

this stuff is great it's a little more expensive than the stuff you find at the spirit stores but its also a little thicker so it takes less to cover seams and smooth things out and it gives a stronger hold as well I will likely still cheap out from time to time on the other stuff but this worth the extra bux if you've got them ;)


i dont know what else to say this is just a super fun product. it packs soooo much glitter into one drop you might wonder if you'll ever run out...... thats is unless your tempted to put it every where because it makes you feel like becomeing a wonderfull runway glitter fairy princess. it is perfect for fashion shows ect... becuase of the amout of glitter you can concentrate in one spot and the glitter isnt super chunk its very light but its highly concentrated wich makes it that extrem kinda sparkly. its also great for day to day or nightly wear just the tiniest drop on your finger tip or the tip of the right brush dabed into the center of the eye lid after you've finished your shadow application and you have a fun and intresting highlight and if you use it like that it will last you for ever! (well it will seem like forever)

make sure you get the right one for your skin

i like the original photofinish primer more in the winter time when my skin is much dryer. in the summer time im already to oily and the amount of silica in this product makes it a lil much for oily skin to say the least ( it feels awfull on oily skin) BUT there is a version for oily skin or there was the last time i check ed anyway it is called the photofinish light and its white it looks more like a lotion than a primer and it feels unique but in a good way. it works great for me when my skin is oily. in my experience the color correcting options are awsome as well the green one realy helps balance out the red in my skin.


this stuff worx and its cheap!!! ive used this about once every other week or so since i bought a month and a half ago and i will not spend more ever for another face mask this is it its the winner im done shopping

worx for me ;)

looove this stuff!! it fights redness with just a couple taps of a dab and if you want to completely neutralize your whole face just apply a little all ove and bam instint vampire. this product can be used by the avrage person fighting redness or by the extremest looking for a way to remove all color (for olive skin tones it will prolly look unaturally greenish)

this is my fave of the urban decay eye primers however i do prefer the tubed version i use this when i want full coverage ANYWHERE i can apply it to eyes for a base for my shadow and under my eyes for dark circles and anywhere that my makeup tends to wear off quickly and it stays put i loooove the simplicity of too faced shadow insurance and i looove the versatility of this product


that tiny lil tube lasted me over a year because the consistencey of the product is so perfect such a little goes soo far. at my last job this was the only primer i would use for consults. the only thing i did find is that if the clients lids were particularly dry it was hopeless to try to prime them at all until they were moisturized with an eye cream


i like this product i dont looove this product but i bought three differant foundations and out of the three this is my fave and its the one i reach to the most when im in a rush because it blends easily and gives a desent coverage