Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel

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Tiffany  M.
I don't have hyper pigmentation...

I don't have hyper pigmentation (that I'm all that worried about that is, I like some freckles). But when I use to work in retail I did actually have a costumer come back into the store just to thank me for recommending this product to her. She said it worked wonders, that she is so happy with it and that she felt confident without makeup on occasions after using it. So after feed back like that I would definitely recommend it again.

Irais C.
Acne scars no more!

I have a lot of acne scars and this product has worked wonders to help vanish them! I was hesitant because it was a bit expensive but it was worth every dollar! I'm on my second bottle and most of the "big ugly" acne scars have diminished dramatically and I couldn't be more pleased!! =)

Angela W.
For non-prescription, I'm impressed.

I was hoping... ok, no.. more like PRAYING that this stuff would work for my hyperpigmentation issues and Acne scars- and it did!! Granted, there have been studies that show Hydroquinone (the active ingredient) can be harmful to your liver, but I think that's really in the higher 4% perscription varieties. Even still, I've decided to use it three months on, three months off- just to be safe.

As thrilled that I was to see that my darker areas were fading (i'd say about a 50% pigment reduction) I've started to break out a bit in the areas I use it the most. It's a heavier serum so be sure to use a light hand when you apply it.

Savannah N.

I got a sample of this with some stuff I bought at Sephora and it's pretty amazing! I have some dark spots from sun exposure and tanning beds ( I quit that!) and I've used it for about a month and it's significantly faded my dark spots and brightened my complexion. Since using this I get a lot of compliments on my complexion. I love it and will most likely buy the full size bottle when my sample runs out.

Katherine Y.

I bought this product after a friend recommended it to me. I was a bit hesitant because it was about $60 for a small bottle but the saleslady reassured me it was well worth it.

Although I may not be at liberty to write a great review because I only used it for two weeks, but the formula just didn't work well with my skin. I'm actually pretty sad because it worked so well for my friend and for many others who wrote online reviews.

I'm guessing my face was just so irritated by the ingredients but my skin is very sensitive. I just felt so uncomfortable every time I used it. I would recommend it to people who are willing to test it out based on the fact that so many people had great outcomes but maybe not if you have sensitive skin like me.