Beauty Product Reviews

I Love This Lipstick! I have this in SIREN. It's very smooth and velvety on my lips. For my bonus, I like to use a lipgloss to give the color a POP.

I bought this from my local convient store to test out. I gotta admit, I was a little skeptic about the shade of the concealer but when I did a test swatch on my skin it came out very helpful to cover any blemish or dark spots on my face. It's also good to use as a base when you are going for a nude type shade when you are customizing your own nude lipstick or lipgloss. Revlon has my vote!!

I was very curious about this color when I purchased it from my local beauty supply store, but, I loved the color so much that I had to buy it. And I loved the results when I was doing swatches with different lipstick looks when I was doing a "two-toned sunburst" look with a dark blue lipstick and I love it. It's very creamy. It doesn't leave a cakey feel on your lips.

I LOVE the smell of mint!! Not only does this product give your hair a healthy shine & volume, but, it is also very, very, safe for chemically relaxed hair. I use Suave's Professionals when I am doing my natural transitioning with my hair and I use the Conditioner for deep conditioning with mayonnaise (yes, regular mayo not hair mayo) for that extra deep conditioning and it leaves my hair feeling soft as silk. If you don't believe me, give it your first try and I promise you will thank me!!

Bonus: Cover Hair with a plastic processing cap while deep conditioning for 30 minutes to get that extra deep conditioning.

I LOVE the way how this lipgloss shines and gives moisture. My favorite iz when the sun gives it a twinkle when u smile.

I am so in LOVE with this foundation!! Not only it gives me full coverage, but I also use this foundation with other foundations that are "Oil Free" and I can create my look without using any concealer. This product is worth trying and also your best friend when you are on a "BEAUTY BUDGET". XD <3

I am very impressed!! For only $6 at your local Walmart store, you get great quality and the right pigmentation of your choice of color!! I own "ASTEROID"!! Which is a very, very, beautiful Blue color with a hint of Blue Glitter!! And this product lasts all day!!

For a dollar, you can never go wrong! Especially, if you are a makeup diva on a budget! It never sheds hair even when I wash my makeup brushes, the hair never sheds. Very good quality and it picks up eyeshadow the way you want to achieve your makeup looks or inspiration.

I also like using this on my cheeks. Because it will give me this "embarressed / shy" look. It also helps bring out my "Goddess Glow" look that I am going for when I'm out to a gathering, so when I smile, everyone can see my glow.

These curlers are very good. They give you the most beautiful curls that you want. I've had these curlers for 7 years and they never gave up on me when I want to achieve beautiful goddess curls or give myself some beach babe waves. Just be sure to clean your curlers after. Hair Hygiene is very IMPORTANT.

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