Beauty Product Reviews

favorite under-eye concealer!

I LOVE this stuff! For the price - it is a true bargain. I find that it brightens my undereye area perfectly! The application is perfect - so creamy and blendable. I

love this blush!

It really adds dimension and is the perfect watermelon shade. I have found that in the darkness of winter this adds the perfect warmth to my face. I pair it with Hoola bronzer. I was thinking this blush was similar to Orgasm - but it is really in a different family all together. I am in love with this blush and the packaging is lovely!


These are fabulous bases - over my udpp... I am so impressed with Masai (green), Victoria Falls (blue), and Tanzania (purple). I find that the colors really add depth to my usual neutral eye looks. These babies are a tad pricey but really worth it. I don't notice creasing at all. I first used these as eyeliners but found they smudged too much. I found that if I take my fix+ and patted over the eyeliner with a smudge brush that would fix the problem. However, as a base these are amazing. You can purchase at most Barneys, online and you can find a few colors on Ebay.


I use this brow set daily. I take the darker shade and harshen the lines around my brows for a crisp look. I then take the lighter color and fill in any sparse areas. I finish with a brush of the wax to set the look. Hands down, this is the best brow product I have used.

Fave Brush!!!

I have 4 - that is right 4..... LOVE THIS BRUSH!!!! With ELF this are hit and miss - this is a huge HIT for me. I use... 1. Liquid Foundation 2. MSF Natural powder to set 3. Blush 4. Bronzer This brush is very soft - yet sturdy. You can angle the brush for contouring even - LOVE IT.

Strereo Rose

This sold out online in like nano-seconds. I am so slow with Mac collections that I was sure my counter at the mall was out before the release date even (thanks to all my fellow beauty whores lol) SO - I actually woke up early and put in an order online. However, I was sent an email from Mac later that day which said the MSF actually had to ship later or something - so I waited for weeks. It finally showed up on my door. I had forgotten about it - but LOVED the color. It is corally/pink with gold undertones and works fabulous as a summer blush. I tend to go more matte in the fall and winter. I give this 5 stars! I am not sure I would pay outrages prices on ebay for this LE - but it is a good one if it ever is released again :)

This is actually similar in color to UDPP 'Eden.' It creates a matte finish on your eye and prepares the canvase for all of the beautiful shadows you decide to apply for your look! I haven't really played around with it much - as it doesn't really change the colors of my shadows. However, I do like it and reach for it from time to time.

Bite of An Apple - amazing!

I have to admit that I was excited about Mac's V.V collection. I was talking to my sister about it for months. The packaging has been called silly by some (but I think its fun!). Mac in my home town mall was sold out of course but imagine my suprise when I wondered into a Macy's in Honolulu and it was all there! I greedilly picked up a load of goodies. I have never used a matte blush. This bright coral pink is amazing! It really creates the perfect flush on your cheek. I wish this wasn't a LE because I can already tell that this is the blush I use EVERY day.

I use this daily to set my makeup. It isn't too cakey and it seems to just create a flawless finish! I have tried many powders, Rimmel, Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder - you name it. This seems to give a glow to my face - not deaden my look. The only thing that could be better is the packaging. The fact that the compact doesn't have a mirror, makes it not really convenient for mid-day touch ups. Any recomendations for a dupe that has a mirror???